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    • Babolat Babol Color
    Babolat Babol Color
    SKU: 710010
    Babol Color is a specially designed ink for marking the Babolat logo on your strings. Environmentally safe, it is water based ink.

    Regular Price: €10.00

    Special Price €8.50

    Available in:
    White Black
    • Tuning Map
    • Tuning Map
    Tuning Map
    To know how to tune your strings and rackets is not magic.With a little bit of interesting for this coming topic you will be an expert very soon.

    Regular Price: €90.00

    Special Price €69.90

    • ERT 300 Tennis Computer
    • ERT 300 Tennis Computer
    • ERT 300 Tennis Computer
    • ERT 300 Tennis Computer video
    ERT 300 Tennis Computer
    SKU: ERT 300
    Worldwide ERT 300 is the only microprocessor for precise determination of string dynamic tension and playing characteristics of any tennis racquet.

    Regular Price: €220.00

    Special Price €199.90

    • String Thing (18 x 20)
    • String Thing (18 x 20)
    • String Thing (18 x 20)
    • String Thing (18 x 20) video
    String Thing (18 x 20)
    SKU: stringing thing18x20
    This innovative new product will take your game to the next level. Ideal for racquets with 18χ20string pattern.

    Regular Price: €20.00

    Special Price €19.90

    • Topspin Ink
    Topspin Ink
    Just draw your favorite logo on your strings, the last step for a perfect racquet design. Colors white, black, red, bleu.

    Regular Price: €10.00

    Special Price €7.90

    Available in:
    • Wilson String Glide
    Wilson String Glide
    SKU: Z5226
    The Wilson String Glide is the accessory you will need to extend string life. Easy to position thanks to its handy applicator.

    Regular Price: €6.50

    Special Price €5.50

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