Kids and Ladders DVD

Kids and Ladders DVD

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Kids and Ladders contains nearly 100 games and drills featuring children from 6 to 18 years old using footwork ladders to improve movement and balance skills for all sports. Length: 31 minutes. Language: English.

Agility ladders are not new in professional sports training, but they are new to millions of children who can also use ladders as tools for fun, fitness, and skill building. The variations are practically endless. The games and exercises in this video introduce drills for both individuals and teams, for foot speed and agility, for rhythm and balance, for both cooperative teamwork and team competition, and, most important, for fun. You will also notice that they are easily adapted and equally effective for children of many different ages.

We have divided this video into three sections:

Part One contains exercises and skill builders for individuals. Note that for safety, you should first have the children attempt the footwork pattern alongside the ladder. Once inside the ladder, they should move on the balls of their feet and not move the rungs of the ladder at all. Another point is that music with a strong tempo can make ladder drills more energizing while the music also build rhythm skills.

Part Two features a series of team games, races and relays, designed to be fun and skill building at the same time. Note that the various exercises should be practiced before races and relays are introduced. And remember, that we are just demonstrating some of the basics. Add your imagination and creativity to these drills for an endless number of variations, suitable for practically all ages and athletic levels.

Part Three features ladder and ball games, featuring combinations of ladder footwork drills and ball skill-builders at the same time.

Again please note that the various skills should be rehearsed alongside the ladders before organizing races and relays. It is easy to pull more than 100 exercise and game variations from this video, but on your own it will also be easy for you to creates hundreds more. Also, remember that practically all of these drills and games can easily be adapted to a wide range of ages and athletic abilities. Simply adjust the pace of the drill, or use a ball appropriate for the age and skill level of the children involved. Above all, have fun. When the children have fun, they will come back enthusiastically for more. Isn't that what it's all about? "Big shots are just little shots who keep on shooting.”