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    • Agility Rings
    • Agility Rings
    • Agility Rings video
    Agility Rings
    Agility Ring set consists of 12 colored plastic rings (6 black, 6 green) and a practical bag. With a diameter of 50cm, they are idea for the training.

    Regular Price: €22.00

    Special Price €19.90

    • Rope Target
    • Rope Target
    • Rope Target video
    Rope Target
    The Rope Target is a visualization tool that uses flat ropes that are safe to step on. Create unlimited on-court targets in just seconds.

    Regular Price: €90.00

    Special Price €74.90

    • Pop-Up Targets
    • Pop-Up Targets
    • Pop-Up Targets video
    Pop-Up Targets
    Pop-Up Targets attach to a tennis net with Velcro in just seconds.These colorful targets are made of impact resistant nylon with a durable metal frame

    Regular Price: €50.00

    Special Price €44.90

    • Court Rebel Target Figure
    Court Rebel Target Figure
    Court Rebel target figure are durable and 75cm tall.Each one has a water-weighted bottom that makes it pop right back up for continuous fun.

    Regular Price: €12.00

    Special Price €9.90

    As low as: €8.90
    • Marked Lines yellow
    • Marked Lines yellow
    • Marked Lines yellow video
    Marked Lines yellow
    SKU: TOTWML10.2
    They are an extremely versatile tool and can be used to create brilliant court boundaries and also to clearly guide players to correct court position.

    Regular Price: €30.00

    Special Price €24.90

    • Corners
    SKU: 4294
    Ideal for making targets on the court or for setting the limits at mini tennis courts. Made of a highly durable and slip-resistant material.

    Regular Price: €13.00

    Special Price €10.90

    As low as: €8.90
    • Roll Down Lines
    • Roll Down Lines
    • Roll Down Lines video
    Roll Down Lines
    SKU: V038
    Great to create boundaries for mini courts, target areas, or movement guides. Beveled edges are smooth and safe to run along.

    Regular Price: €40.00

    Special Price €34.90

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