Topspin TPC 500 Racquet


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Topspin TPC 500 is a light and fast feeling racquet that is versatile offering good blend of control and power from all court positions. Weight: 290gr
This one is a solid option for any player looking to maximize pace and spin. Good for intermediate to advanced players, teenagers as well as men and women with medium to fast strokes which wish to have the right answer in each situation. The frame is designed for the all-rounder who seeks to come to the net sometimes. Although the basic idea of this racquet was not for top players, we have noticed that fantastically controlled topspin tennis has been played especially by those players who have an extremely fast radial stroke speed and are able to convert enormous power into ball rotation.

Head size ( 101
String pattern 16x19
Weight (gr) 280
Width 24-25 mm
Stiffness 66
Length 690mm
Balance 330mm
Cover Included
Stringing Strung