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Clay Court Lines Geniala 5cm

(full set)


Clay court lines Geniala are ideal for all types of clay courts. They can be easily attached on the court with stainless steel anchors into the sleeves embedded into the court. They are supplied in the precise length of each tennis court line.

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Each set will be shipped with 6 layouts for a double court. To protect the lines we will also ship an end fixation. An introduction with pictures will be shipped too.


Warning:. Always start from the basic line!

1) Measure the pitch and mark the outer corners according to the attached diagram.

2) Mark the point to attach the steel anchor for basic line.

3) Use the hammer to attach the steel anchor into the ground.

4) The anchor has to be directed as on the picture.

5) Put the anchor about 2 cm below the surface level.

6) Remove the clay around the ending of anchor.

7) The upper part of anchor has to be free about 2 cm.

8) Expend the selected line in the direction of installation (between installed anchors)

9) The anchor plate put on the ending of anchor.

10) Use the hammer to attach the anchor plate.

11) The plate should be flat with the clay surface.

12) Move the line about 1 part between the lines, to exceed the point (line) that will be cut off after installation.

13) Use the same principle (points 9 - 12) for the other ending of line.

14) Put the tensioning device (hook) into the cross section of the line and drag the line by 1 - 2 pieces over point that will be cut off.

15) Hold the tightened line at the center of its length, lift it slightly, and then let it fall again. The line is ideally aligned equally.

16) Carefully step through the line and then enter it into the pitch. Work carefully to prevent the damage of lines.

17) Cut the lines to the specified and prescribed lengths.

18) Example of anchor positioning and setting at the crossing point.

19) Stage before line insertion and tensioning.

20) Crossing T – detail of anchor assembly.

21) Crossing T - crossing in the middle of the pitch.

22) Montage T - crossing, by hand, you need to slide the line up to 1 part between the cutouts to the point in which the line will be cut after stretching.

23) Montage T - crossing, use the tensioning device.

24) Precisely cut the lines at all points.

25) Below the ends of the lines you need to add enough clay for a perfect fit.

26) It is good to use the clay with water.

27) The line can be easily detached due to screwdriver.

28) The line can be also released due to screwdriver while holding in your hands.

29) The line can be easily attached to a buckle again.

Warning: It is necessary to roll the surface in the same direction of the lines! Roll 2 - 3 m to the front and about 50 cm back. More intense rolling would adversely affect line tension.

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