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    Gymnastic Ball 65cm



    Gymnastic Ball with Anti-Burst System is a top quality fitness equipment. It has been designed for dynamic back and core stability training. The standard is guaranteed against bursting up to a weight of 90kg.

    Regular Price: €15.00

    Special Price €11.90

  2. Foam Roller



    Foam Roller is a perfect massage tool for a variety of workouts. Helps to resolve hardening and tension of the muscles and promotes metabolism. Dimension: 33 x 14 cm.

    Regular Price: €20.00

    Special Price €17.90

  3. Massage Roller



    The muscles are relaxed and massaged with the help of the Massage Roller and the own body weight. In addition, the massage roller has a grooved and knobbed surface in one.

    Regular Price: €30.00

    Special Price €26.90

    As low as: €23.00


3 Item(s)