Prince Tour 100 (18x20) Tennis Racquet

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The Tour 100 (18 x 20) is is a great option for intermediate through advanced players in search of controllable power and decent plow through.

In contrast to most racquets with 18x20 string patterns, this racquet delivers decidedly more pop and comfort thanks to its EXO3 Ports. The result is a control-oriented racquet that doesn't force the player to trade away too much power. In volleys this one is stable enough to redirect pace while also having enough maneuverability to perform well on fast exchanges.


Head size ( 100
String pattern 18x20
Weight (gr) 310
Width 18-20-18 mm
Stiffness 56
Length 27" / 68.7 cm
Balance 31.0 cm
Cover Included
Stringing Strung

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