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If you would like to shop online through at more discounted prices, all you have to do is to create a customer account (if you don’t already have) and place all your orders through it. When the total value of all your online orders throughout a year (beginning date is the date of your 1st online order through your customer account) exceeds:

  • 250€ - then your customer account will have a 15% discount (out of the retail prices / strikethrough prices at at all products and 25% at Topspin products for ever.
  • 500€ - then your customer account will have a 20% discount (out of the retail prices) at all products and 30% at Topspin products for 1 year.
  • 1000€ - then your customer account will have a 22.5% discount (out of the retail prices) at all products and 35% at Topspin products for 1 year.
  • 2000€ - then your customer account will have a 25% discount (out of the retail prices) at all products and 40% at Topspin products for 1 year.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have placed several orders in the past as a visitor, is it possible to add these orders to the customer account I just created in order to take advantage of the discounts listed above? No order placed in the past from any guest (user) can be added to any customer account (new or old).

2. If I place an initial order over 250€ through my customer account, do I have to wait for 1 year to get the 15% discount? No, the discount is given to the customer account 5 days after this initial order is being invoiced.

3. Can I lose the discount that I achieved in the past due to the value of my orders? You never lose the privilege to have the 15% discount once you achieve it.

Any other discount group may be upgraded or downgraded depending on the value of the orders being placed during the current one-year period (starting from the time the customer’s account achieved a certain discount).

4. Can I use my customer account in order to place orders for my friends / relatives etc.? Yes, you may place any order through your customer account and have it shipped to any shipping address (friends / relatives etc.). This is, actually, a good way to achieve the maximum discount soon.

5. If I place a big initial order e.g. 1200€ will this be discounted (e.g. 22.5%) given that it exceeds 1000€? No, all subsequent orders will have the 22.5% discount during the next one-year-period unless the customer’s account is upgraded (to the 25% discount group) due to other future orders.

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